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Warning Signs of Substance Use Disorder in Students As a student, you are exposed to immense levels of pressure. Academic demands, social

What to Expect During the First Year of Recovery Congratulations on making the courageous choice to sustain recovery for substance use disorder

How Medication-Assisted Treatment Helps With Crystal Meth Addiction Crystal meth addiction can come with a unique set of challenges. Looking at how

Continuing Alumni Services at Malibu Wellness Congratulations on completing treatment for substance use disorder (SUD) at Malibu Wellness Ranch! You should feel

The Importance of Stabilization During Treatment If you are struggling with substance use disorder (SUD), seeking treatment as quickly as possible is

Why a Compassionate Staff Matters During Treatment When seeking substance use disorder (SUD) treatment for yourself or a loved one, finding an

Substance Use Disorder and Co-Occurring Mental Health Challenges Managing both substance use disorder (SUD) and mental health challenges simultaneously can be extremely

The Relationship Between Grief and Substance Use in Veterans As a veteran, you have likely encountered some of the most stressful circumstances

How Trauma Affects Substance Use Disorder (SUD) There is a well-known connection between trauma and substance use disorder (SUD). As all individuals

Tips for Including Outdoor Recreational Experiences in Your Recovery When you think of addiction recovery, what comes to your mind? Like many

How Psychoeducation Groups Help With Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome Individuals beginning to adjust to sobriety in early recovery are uniquely vulnerable to post-acute

Finding Your Sober Community With 12-Step Programs Completing a treatment program with a 12-Step based program, such as Malibu Wellness Ranch, can

How Holistic Activities Help With Emotional Regulation Emotional regulation is an important part of being able to function in your daily life. As

How Yoga and Meditation Help With the Pursuit of Supporting Healthy Life Skills Developing life skills that will keep you healthy and

Family Matters: Why Boundaries and Education Are Important to Establish in Early Recovery Addiction can affect every part of a person’s life,

How to Build Confidence Using the Four Levels of Continuum Care At Malibu Wellness Ranch, we want to help you understand how

Relapse Doesn’t Mean Failure: Growing From Setbacks Substance use disorders (SUDs) are serious chronic diseases in which a person develops unhealthy patterns of

Giving Back While in Recovery At Malibu Wellness Ranch, part of our treatment plan is helping our clients develop life skills that they

Building Daily Routines to Support Overall Wellness in Sober Living Seeking treatment for substance use disorder (SUD) and committing to sober living

Reducing Stigmas Around Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Substance use disorder (SUD) affects millions of people in the United States every year. Despite this,

Sober Sports Leagues Sober sports leagues can be a great way to find social connections, be more active, and help build a

What Can I Bring With Me to Treatment? Making the decision to enter a substance use disorder (SUD) treatment program can be one of

Finding Social Activities While Establishing Sober Living When we think about creating a new life for ourselves after treatment, the first factor

Working With Horses During Substance Use Disorder Treatment Spending time with animals can help you during substance use disorder (SUD) treatment in

Music Therapy for Managing Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety Substance use disorders (SUDs) can negatively affect every part of your life. Your

Finding Quality Substance Use Disorder Treatment With Medicaid Insurance Substance use disorders (SUDs) occur when the use of alcohol or drugs causes significant

Adventure Therapy for Treatment and Recovery Success in recovery should be measured by your ability to grow and improve continually. You will be setting

What to Expect From Treatment Based on 12-Step Programs Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA, has existed for over 85 years. 12-Step programs serve

What Is the Next Step in Recovery After Detox? The choice to use or abstain from drugs or alcohol is a personal

Redefining Success During Treatment and Recovery Success in recovery from substance use disorders (SUDs) can mean a variety of different things to different people.

5 Ways to Support a Loved One in Treatment From a Distance When someone you love is getting treatment for substance use

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Substance Use Disorders Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is an evidence-based form of psychological therapy or “talk therapy.” During the course of

How to Build Confidence Right Out of Treatment When we make changes in our lives, it can be jarring as we learn

Finding Your Community With AA Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is an international organization providing a community of support for individuals struggling with alcohol

Importance of Maintaining Boundaries While in Recovery Creating healthy boundaries with friends and family is an important part of your recovery journey. However, some

Yoga and Meditation as Tools in Recovery Yoga is an ancient practice that involves breathing, positional techniques, and mindfulness. It can also

How Exercise and Better Eating Can Help With Depression Focusing on your physical health can work wonders for your mental health. You

Finding Community Support to Benefit Mental Health in Addiction Recovery In recovery, we get a chance to author our own story, perhaps

Recovering as a Family Addiction is a disease that affects the whole family. While the initial impact is on the individual, that impact

How do I tell my family i’m struggling with addiction? Family support is vital to addiction treatment. However, telling your family that

There is a new synthetic opioid out there on our streets that is described as four times as powerful as fentanyl.

When we “ hit our bottom” in active addiction and then surrender, and seek help for our problem there are a lot of working parts

I will start this story by saying thank you to the Malibu Wellness Ranch for my son’s life.

There is a new synthetic opioid out there on our streets that is described as four times as powerful as fentanyl.