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Public Health Alert- New Opioid Stronger Than Fentanyl

There is a new synthetic opioid out there on our streets that is described as four times as powerful as fentanyl. The drug isotoniazene or commonly referred to as “ISO” has been found in different parts of our country and the results are deadly.  By now, most of us have read news stories about how many people have died year to year from primarily fentanyl and heroin as well as the increase of admissions in opiod treatment programs.  Numerous law enforcement agencies including the DEA have reported seizures of ISO in a number of undercover and sting operations.  According to numerous reports this new drug was initially found in Florida but it has spread everywhere throughout the country.  This substance can come in a crystal like form or in a yellowish brown powder.  It has been detected in pill form as well.  What the drug cartels have been doing is acquiring what are called pill presses.  They then take the substance, ISO, and “stamp” it into a pill and sold as something else.  These pills look exactly what they look like when they come from your local pharmacy.  The person using it thinks it’s one substance and sadly finds out that it’s actually ISO or fentanyl.  There is a medication called NARCAN (Naloxone) that is used to reverse the effects of opiate overdoses.  When it comes to ISO, first responders and emergency rooms are reporting that it can take four times the amount of NARCAN to work effectively and save someones life.  For the most part this new drug is being manufactured in China and then snuck into our country through our shipping ports and our southern border. (According to the DEA).

We at Malibu Wellness Ranch are not that naive to think that this epidemic is going to go away.  In the last three years the overdose rates are going up by 30% every year.  Yes, COVID probably had a lot to do with the increase.  Our hope as we write this is that maybe if everyone works together from a legal and treatment aspect we can get the number of overdose deaths to reverse and at least decline.  Our sole purpose is to help people suffering from addiction and specifically opiate addiction and show them another way.  We pride ourselves in saying that no matter what, insurance or no insurance, poor or rich, we can help anyone that calls us to get the help they need.  Not always at our facility but the relationships we have established enables anyone to get well.  Whenever our phone rings a life has been placed in our hands.  We will work just as hard to get that person help regardless of them being able to come to us.  If you or a loved one is struggling with opiate addiction please pick up the phone, use the chat feature on this site, or fill out the contact form and we will be in touch in a matter of minutes to help you find opiod treatment programs.