Malibu Wellness Ranch

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A Destination For Recovery

Situated on 800 acres in the scenic Pocono Mountains, Malibu Wellness Ranch offers an experiential, substance abuse disorder and addiction treatment opportunity for men and women in a serene and secluded campus environment.

Our Purpose

Malibu Wellness Ranch was established to fill a need in addiction treatment… a place that could offer a longer, continuous treatment opportunity to clients to foster long-term recovery.

Continuum Of Care

Malibu offers four different levels of treatment that allow our clients the time and space to learn, practice, and apply their new recovery skill sets while still within the safety of a clinically-structured environment.

Whole Person Approach

Malibu believes that learning how to participate and enjoy life again is essential to long-term recovery. In addition to our variety of clinical programmatic offerings, Malibu has amazing recreational amenities designed to help clients connect with joy.

Our Services

What We Treat

Malibu Wellness Ranch specializes in treating drug and alcohol addiction.

Treatment Services

Malibu Wellness Ranch works with the client to develop an individualized treatment plan.

Equine Recovery Program

The Equine Program at Malibu is our signature experiential treatment component.


Joining our community at Malibu Wellness Ranch is designed to be an experience that creates a therapeutic home away from home for you during your treatment. In our effort to place yourself or your loved one at ease as you contemplate taking the next step toward recovery, we have outlined a typical treatment experience at Malibu for improved understanding and comfort of what your experience will be like.