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Giving Back While in Recovery

At Malibu Wellness Ranch, part of our treatment plan is helping our clients develop life skills that they will need in recovery. We help them discover resources they can lean on once they leave our program. Our facility offers life skills groups, recreational activities, and groups that create familiarity with 12-Step programs established by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). We believe that 12-Step programs give people a great foundation for success. There are so many established chapters that it is likely our clients will be able to seamlessly transition into their local 12-Step group. One of the concepts we focus on is outlined in Step 12: the importance of giving back to your community.

Finding Connection in Recovery

Social connections are an important part of your health. Individuals that have healthy social connections have better health and live longer. Satisfying social connections can help you feel happier as well. Humans are social creatures by nature and thrive when we are part of social circles. These circles can be anything from a friend group, your family, or a recovery support group.  

Finding social connections can help you be successful in sobriety and improve your quality of life overall. Having support from your peers is part of a healthy foundation in recovery. You need people who can motivate you to stay on track when you are feeling vulnerable. Being active in your recovery community is a great way to find social connections that you will need in recovery. 

Giving Back to Your Community

Donating your time and energy to a worthy cause can have a significant impact on your health. Volunteering has been shown to increase both mental and physical health. It can also increase your social well-being and life satisfaction. Giving back to your community can even help you fight symptoms of anxiety and depression. You will be able to develop deeper feelings of compassion and empathy for the people around you. During recovery from substance use disorder (SUD), these benefits are multiplied.

How Do You Benefit From Giving Back?

Loneliness and boredom are two of the biggest threats to sobriety in early recovery. In early recovery, it is important to find rewarding experiences that help you connect with others. Finding ways to give back to the recovery community can go a long way in reinforcing your commitment to sobriety. Volunteering your time and energy will also help you feel good and increase your confidence.

How Do Others Benefit From Giving Back?

Giving back in recovery is important in building a safe and supportive recovery community for everyone. When you think about your experience in treatment and recovery, are there certain people that were instrumental in changing your life? By investing your time and energy back into the recovery community, you could very well be an instrument of change in someone else’s life.

How Can You Practice Giving Back?

In the recovery community, there are many opportunities for you to be involved and give back. Your involvement can be anything from one-on-one interactions to sharing your experiences with a group. Being invested in your personal relationships with others is the first step. Here are some suggestions on where to find opportunities to give back:

  • If you attend support groups, ask the organizers how you can help at each meeting
  • Find out how to become a sponsor or peer support person
  • Share your experiences with others in your recovery community
  • Volunteer in facilities that serve the addiction treatment and recovery community

You don’t have to limit yourself to the recovery community if you are looking for ways to give back. There are many opportunities to give back to your fellow man. You can volunteer at a food bank, animal shelter, or assisted living facility. There are many ways to find volunteer opportunities. 

Building a Successful Life in Recovery

There are four dimensions of recovery that are essential for building a successful life after treatment for SUD. These include: 

  • Home: You will need a safe and stable place to make your own. It is important that you have a peaceful environment that you can call your own.
  • Health: Taking care of your body’s needs is essential for your physical and mental health. Get consistent sleep, make healthy eating choices, and get plenty of exercise.
  • Purpose: You need to find meaningful ways to spend your time. Find hobbies or volunteer options that interest you and bring you joy.
  • Community: Develop healthy relationships with people where support, kindness, and hope thrive.

You can thrive and be successful in sobriety if you build a life that brings you joy and satisfaction. It is important to hold on to hope for all the possibilities that are available to you. Build your new, sober life around your strengths and interests. Find people that you can connect with in healthy ways. Most importantly, give back to your community so that the cycle of healing and recovery can continue.


Building a life in which you can thrive is essential for success in recovery. One of the ways you can do this is by volunteering in your local recovery community. By making connections with people on the same journey, you will be able to strengthen your commitment to your sobriety. You may also find yourself in a position to make a big difference in the lives of others. A safe and supportive recovery community is important for everyone. Finding worthwhile activities to occupy your time is a great way to support your recovery. Call Malibu Wellness Ranch at (800) 862-5428 for more information on ways you can support yourself while giving back in recovery.