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specializing in addiction treatment

Malibu Wellness Ranch specializes in treating drug and alcohol addiction. Addiction touches millions of lives every day, and we made it our mission to assist those individuals that are struggling with this disease. Our addiction treatment center offers a solution that allows for an individual to take the time needed to heal, working through a full continuum of care. Our secluded, mountain campus provides the ideal environment for our clients to work through the issues that surround their addiction. Additionally, the experiential treatment opportunity our Equine Program offers creates a wholly different way for our clients to break through barriers to their recovery by connecting with these majestic creatures.

Our goal is to identify the specific issues surrounding our client’s use and abuse of alcohol and/or drugs, and instill in them a set of tools that will allow them to begin to cope and react sanely and normally when triggered. When you leave Malibu Wellness Ranch addiction treatment center, we want you to feel happy, joyous, and free.

Recognizing the signs of drug and alcohol abuse

There are signs that can emerge in addiction, and it’s important to understand and recognize them. When we approach recovery, we help each individual in identifying these stages which can include:

signs of addiction

Continued use of a substance in spite of physical or psychological problems

withdrawal symptoms

Substance Use Disorder can happen to anyone and some symptoms of withdrawal can be life threatening. It’s important to know and understand the signs and seek medical help to detox. Some of the symptoms may include:

Drug Addiction Treatment

We want to help any individual that is struggling with addiction. With our addiction treatment center, we have the ability to treat those abusing any of the following substances:

Our treatment Approach

Addiction is life changing…and your treatment should be to. During a client’s stay at Malibu Wellness Ranch addiction treatment center, we want you to feel safe and connected. We are going to ask you to change a variety of things about your life, the way you behave, the way you think about things, and the way you react to problems. In our small group environments, you have the opportunity to bond with a set of your peers and clinicians in a setting that allows you the comfortability to work through your own individual issues and receive support on making the necessary changes. If nothing changes, then the misery we have all experienced in addiction will continue to stay the same.

We believe in a whole person approach to recovery with focus on a 12-step program. Malibu offers you a genuine journey to self-discovery and the opportunity to find true enjoyment in recovery. While in our care, you will be exposed to a multitude of clinical techniques and interventions combined with our adventure and recreational, experiential treatment components. These experiences will set you on the pathway to long term recovery, as long as you have the willingness to change.