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How Medication-Assisted Treatment Helps With Crystal Meth Addiction

Crystal meth addiction can come with a unique set of challenges. Looking at how to overcome this form of addiction and the use of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) can provide you with a more clear understanding. While this treatment approach is not for everyone, it can provide significant benefits for this form of addiction.

What Is Medication-Assisted Treatment?

MAT is an addiction therapy approach that uses medication in combination with behavioral therapies to assist individuals recovering from substance use disorder (SUD). Studies have proven its efficacy when applied to opioid and alcohol addiction. It may also be useful as a solution for crystal meth addiction treatment at Malibu Wellness Ranch.

Medication Used to Treat Crystal Meth Addiction

Current Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval does not exist for specific medication to treat crystal meth addiction. However, certain off-label uses have helped relieve withdrawal symptoms as well as decrease cravings for the drug. Reviewing some of the common medications utilized for this form of addiction can help you further your understanding.


This medication is often prescribed to treat depression and assist with smoking cessation. It also can be used to assist in decreasing cravings for crystal meth. Alongside this, it can help to improve your overall mood while going through the initial stages of treatment. 


This medication is commonly prescribed to treat narcolepsy and related sleep disorders. It also has been shown to significantly decrease crystal meth cravings while improving cognitive function in those struggling with addiction.


This medication is often prescribed to treat alcohol and opioid addiction. However, it has also shown effectiveness at curbing cravings for crystal meth as well as improving mood in those struggling with addiction. Naltrexone is a commonly utilized medication in the realm of recovery, as it acquires various benefits for multiple substances. 

Though these medications may provide temporary relief from withdrawal and cravings for crystal meth, their best use lies within an integrative therapy framework such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) or contingency management. Taking a multi-directional approach ensures that all aspects of the addiction are accounted for.

How Medication-Assisted Treatment Works

MAT works by targeting the brain’s reward system, which is responsible for crystal meth’s pleasurable effects. When people use crystal meth, their brain experiences a surge of dopamine production, causing feelings of euphoria. The brain ultimately becomes dependent on this surge of dopamine over time which may lead to addiction.

Medications used for treating crystal meth addiction work by targeting the reward system of the brain to lessen the pleasurable effects of using crystal meth. These medications help alleviate cravings and withdrawal symptoms to make quitting crystal meth an easier process.

As part of their treatment approach for crystal meth addiction, behavioral therapies like CBT or contingency management often comprise part of an effective MAT plan for crystal meth addiction. Such approaches aim to address any underlying factors contributing to addiction, such as stress or trauma or co-occurring mental health disorders that contribute.

Benefits of Medication-Assisted Treatment

MAT offers numerous advantages for individuals struggling with crystal meth addiction. Reviewing these benefits can help you to determine if this is an approach you are interested in for your treatment journey. 

  • Substantial craving reduction: Medication used as part of crystal meth addiction treatment can significantly lessen cravings for crystal meth use and make quitting much simpler. This makes abstaining easier.
  • Reduce withdrawal symptoms: Medication can also help alleviate withdrawal symptoms, such as fatigue, depression, and anxiety.
  • Increased retention in treatment: Utilizing MAT, individuals are more likely to remain in treatment for longer, increasing their chances of successful recovery and increasing retention in care.
  • Enhance overall health: Medication used as part of crystal meth addiction treatment can have positive results in terms of overall health outcomes, such as decreasing HIV and Hepatitis C infection risks.
  • Reduced risk of relapse: MAT can lower cravings and withdrawal symptoms to decrease relapse risks and enhance long-term recovery outcomes.

In treating crystal meth addiction effectively with medication-assisted therapy (MAT), you must work closely with an experienced healthcare provider who specializes in this form of therapy. They can help you identify the appropriate medicine/dose combination, monitor progress, and alter treatment plans as necessary.

Common Myths About Medication-Assisted Treatment

Even with all its advantages, MAT for crystal meth addiction still creates some misconceptions. It is important to understand these common myths to ensure you have correct information about this treatment approach at Malibu Wellness Ranch.

Swapping Addictions

MAT for addiction may seem like simply swapping one addiction with another. However, medications prescribed as part of crystal meth recovery do not cause physical addiction nor create feelings of “highs.” Instead, they help decrease cravings and withdrawal symptoms that make quitting simpler. To avoid becoming reliant upon a medication, it is important to work with a licensed clinical to ensure you are using the medication appropriately. 

Easy Way Out

MAT is a great method for many individuals. Utilizing medication does not mean you are weak or lazy in your recovery. Addiction is an illness not limited by strength or willpower. Treatment options such as MAT may offer great potential to those who have tried other approaches without success or who require extra support during their recovery journey.

Long-Term Fix

MAT is not a long-term fix. Although MAT can help decrease cravings and withdrawal symptoms, it should only be used alongside behavioral therapies or other forms of therapy to address any underlying causes that contribute to addiction. If used as a full treatment approach, you may become reliant upon the medication to remain sober.


If you or a loved one is struggling with crystal meth addiction, don’t hesitate to seek help and find an approach that works for your recovery needs. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) can be an effective tool in achieving and maintaining sobriety. Talk to a healthcare provider experienced in MAT for crystal meth addiction to see if it’s the right option for you. This treatment approach can provide you with an extra level of support, especially during the initial stages of your recovery journey. Learn about the various benefits involved with this treatment approach, how this treatment works, and the common misconceptions surrounding this method of treatment. To learn more, reach out to Malibu Wellness Ranch today at (800) 862-5428.