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Sober Sports Leagues

Sober sports leagues can be a great way to find social connections, be more active, and help build a new lifestyle in recovery from substance use disorder (SUD). One in seven Americans experiences a problem with substance use at some point in their lives. SUDs occur when there is a pattern of substance use that becomes uncontrollable and starts to affect your life in negative ways. Often this includes a negative impact on your health, relationships, and work or schooling. 

SUDs can affect anyone and develop for a variety of reasons. Sometimes people turn to drugs or alcohol to relieve stress or cope with difficult times in their lives. When you engage in excessive substance use, it affects your brain’s reward system. This can cause you to fall into negative behaviors that make you feel good but aren’t good for you.

Recovery From SUD

Treatment and recovery from SUD can be challenging, but it is possible. Completing a treatment program often involves an intense and structured program that includes detoxification, individual therapy, group therapy sessions, and support in making big lifestyle changes. 

Because addiction often takes over every aspect of a person’s life, it is important to have a sober living plan once you have completed treatment. Your plan will need to include more than just the commitment to abstaining from drugs and alcohol. Your recovery will be much more successful if you develop routines that will help you avoid triggers, fill your time with sober activities, and improve your overall wellness.

Importance of Hobbies for Sober Living

Structure and accountability are very important parts of experiencing success in your sobriety after treatment. However, it is also important to learn how to have fun and be a fully functioning person again. It is important to make social connections with people who understand your commitment to sobriety and fully support it. Finding hobbies that you enjoy can bring you happiness and satisfaction. 

Some of the most common triggers during early recovery include loneliness, boredom, and being around people or places that play an active part in your addiction. Finding a new hobby you can enjoy with people that will support your sobriety will help you avoid all of those triggers. 

Sober Sports Leagues

In recent years there has been more interest in creating activities that are specifically for people in recovery or who choose to abstain from drugs and alcohol for other reasons. Sober sports leagues are one option for individuals looking to have fun without the use of substances. These leagues might include baseball, volleyball, soccer, and many other sports. Playing team sports has multiple benefits for those building a sober life in recovery.  

Physical Health

Regular physical activity is an important factor for everyone’s health. Adding exercise through a sober sports league to your regular routine will help you develop strength and muscle coordination and improve several of your body’s natural functions. When you join a sober sports team, you will most likely have regular practices and games during which you will be active and have fun.

Mental Health

The mental health benefits of organized sober sports are plentiful as well. Playing sports on a team can improve your self-confidence and improve your concentration and focus. Team sports can also reduce depression and anxiety symptoms. When you get out and move your body while practicing teamwork, you will feel better all around.  

Emotional Regulation

Playing sports is tough, both physically and mentally. There will be setbacks, wins, losses, and other emotional situations that come up. While playing on a team, you will have the chance to practice coping skills for regulating your emotions. In early recovery, it is especially important that you have opportunities in safe spaces to do this.

Social Connections

Studies show that social connections are essential during early recovery. You need people that you can rely on when you are feeling vulnerable. When you choose positive relationships as part of your new lifestyle, you are giving yourself an important tool. Having friends and family to spend time with, turn to for advice and help you avoid your triggers can be one of the biggest factors that can help you be successful in sobriety. 

Finding Sober Activities

One of the best places to find sober activities is in local recovery support groups. Not only will you find social connections with people who share the same goals as you, but they will also likely have good ideas for finding sober activities. 

In our digital world, there are also a lot of alternative ways that you can find activities that will support you in sobriety. You can use internet search engines to find sober communities that will have their own planned activities. Using social media platforms can also help you find groups that are committed to sobriety and have organized sober activities.


Finding social connections and hobbies to keep you occupied are two of the most important factors in building a strong foundation for a sober life. At Malibu Wellness Ranch, we understand that there is more to the recovery process than just abstaining from substances. Our unique facility is situated on 800 acres in the beautiful Pocono Mountains. We have the incredible opportunity to provide a variety of adventure-based therapies and recreational activities to our clients. Our goal is for our clients to make social connections and develop interests that they can take with them beyond their time in our treatment program. Call us at (800) 862-5428 for more information on how we empower our clients to succeed.