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How to Build Confidence Right Out of Treatment

When we make changes in our lives, it can be jarring as we learn to live our lives with new habits and goals. This can cause us to lose confidence in ourselves, not knowing if we will be able to live our lives differently. This is true for all changes, especially when we are right out of treatment. As we re-enter our lives, we have to learn to integrate changes that help us stay sober. While this will look different for each of us, building confidence will help with all changes that we need to make. 

Life Right Out of Treatment

Those of us managing addiction know how much drugs and alcohol impact our lives. When we are struggling with addiction, cravings, and withdrawal, it can cause us to make choices that prioritize drugs and alcohol over other important things in our lives. 

In treatment, we can address our addiction, helping us to live our lives differently. This includes detoxing to address the physical dependency of addiction. It also means addressing the deep issues surrounding addiction, which may include trauma, beliefs, self-esteem, or behaviors. 

While in treatment, we will learn new tools to utilize in our lives. In treatment, these tools are often much easier to implement as our environment is highly controlled, and we have support readily available. As we enter our lives out of treatment, it can be a bit of a shock. We will need to make many adjustments, which can be overwhelming. However, these changes are new for us. Therefore, it is normal to feel unsure if we can do it. 

When we feel doubt or lack confidence in our ability to make these changes, it can help us remember that this time is challenging for everyone. While it is hard, we can get through it and learn how to live a sober life. Building confidence will help us to do so. 

How to Build Confidence

Self-confidence is the feeling that we can do it. It is the belief and sensation of assurance that we can learn to live a sober life. Not feeling confident right out of treatment is normal, and it takes time for us to build up confidence. However, it is possible to increase our self-confidence. 

Each of us will struggle with different aspects of self-confidence. While some may feel positive and knowledgeable in self-care, others may need time to build confidence in this area. Building confidence in the areas of our lives we feel unsure of our abilities will look different for each of us as well. However, some tools commonly help. 

Researchers have found that positive thinking, practice, and talking with others are all useful tools for improving self-confidence. This means that positive self-talk or self-encouragement can help us build confidence immediately after treatment. However, it is important to think positively while practicing new skills and getting support from others. Thus, we can prove to ourselves that we are capable of these changes. 

Being prepared for new situations can also help us feel confident. One of the benefits of a treatment program is that it does just that. We learn new skills and work with mental health professionals who help us think about what is to come. In preparing for life after treatment, we have tools readily available when we need them. 

Confidence and Addiction Recovery Success

Building confidence right out of treatment is crucial for addiction recovery success. According to Addiction and Healthlow self-esteem is common for those of us with addiction. While self-esteem differs from self-confidence, they are related. 

  • Self-esteem refers to how we value ourselves. If we have low-self esteem, we do not appreciate and value ourselves. 
  • Self-confidence refers to our ability to succeed in a particular area of our lives, such as staying sober.

As we build self-confidence and self-esteem, we are more likely to remain sober. By believing in our ability to make changes and that we are worthy of these changes, we are more likely to stay away from drugs and alcohol. This includes confidence when we do not feel we are successful. 

Recovery Is a Process of Change

Addiction recovery is a process of change. Not all of these changes will be easy. Many will take time and effort, and going through periods where it feels like we cannot do it is completely normal. However, self-confidence is the belief that we can get through those moments and successfully come out on the other side. 

Remember, self-confidence in addiction recovery does not mean we always feel good or motivated. Every day, especially right out of treatment, will feel different. Having a support network, such as an alumni group, can help us to manage the moment when we feel less confident. We can make the changes we need to live a sober life, and with time we will build confidence in our abilities to do so. 


Leaving a treatment program can be a jarring experience. While in treatment, the environment and schedule help by providing support at all times. However, reintegrating into normal life means taking the skills learned in treatment and learning how to live without drugs and alcohol. At Malibu Wellness Ranch, we understand that life directly after treatment can be hard. We believe that it takes friends, family, community, and time to build confidence in your ability to lead a sober life. For this reason, we offer the resources that can provide you with the support you need to help you establish confidence. If you or your loved one is struggling with addiction, we can help. Call (800) 862-5428 to learn more.